The Step-by-Step Story Of Building Award Winning History Search, and more.

Release scheduled for: Sept. 2020

You will receive the final draft right after pre-ordering, currently at 200+ pages.

What's included in Launchbook?

1. Strategy, starting from day one

How to build a strategy that will actually get you somewhere, more often than not, great plans never see the light of day due to one simple thing; you’ve skipped the first step.

2. Self-management, and a marathon mindset

Many things come into play once you go down the road of following your idea; how do you stay motivated? What if you fail? Most importantly, how to start and stop thinking of starting.

3. Product, not just development
When you first get an idea, it will be all over the place, so how can you structure your whole product; including how you’re going to structure, design, position, and develop it.

4. Marketing, the act of making a market

When people hear the word “Marketing” they think of flashy billboards and Super Bowl ads, but we’re going to give it a new angle; how can I create a market around my vision, and how do I get the world to believe in it.

5. Launching, without a rocket.
How will you know you’re ready to share that what you’ve worked so hard on? How are you going to reach the world? And asking your friends Is not a BETA.

6. First Revenue, keeps you alive
Despite a very successful launch, it settles quite quickly. Even with some explosive growth, this won’t last; so how can you get sustainable growth, and what are your options to generate revenue to bridge the gap.

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